Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ozkar goes to Kindergarten every day from 9:15 to 12:oo. Occasionally he will complain about getting up and getting ready for school. He would rather play with his legos. He has said "Why do I have to go everyday." Poor kid doesn't know what he is in for. He had his friend Paxton come over for a little while on Monday. They played very well together. Amanda another friend,came over that day too. It's been nice to have kids come over to play. It keeps him busy.

He went to the dentist and had a perfect checkup and then he got his haircut. Busy day. He has tumbling every Tuesday and Soccer practice every Thursday. One thing that I wanted to make sure I wrote down was his show and tell day. On Thursday I received his teachers newsletter on my email. It told what show and tell was for the week. He happened to have it that same day and I spaced that it was Thursday. So he didn't bring a show and tell. When he came home that day I remembered and felt so bad. I told him I was sorry and he said that he did show something. He had some yogurt raisens in his back pack and he showed them to his class because it was also Patriot day 9/11 and his raisens were white for red, white and blue day.

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