Sunday, August 03, 2008

This week in our home

We went to Idaho for Josh's family reunion and came back on Saturday. With that we brought back the flu bug. Ozkar was the only one to not get it amazingly enough because he always gets it. Having the flu and contractions aren't a fun combination. I wasn't sure if I was going into labor or not. Fortunately I wasn't.
Ozkar lost his first tooth this week. It had been loose for a long time and the big tooth had already started to come through. So I knew we had to get it out. We were really wiggling it that day and that night at dinner he was eating broccli and he felt some pain. Josh looked at it and saw that his tooth wasn't there. He immediately told Ozkar to spit his food out but there was no tooth. Ozkar had swallowed it. So he wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining what had happened and asked for a toy. Well the tooth fairy didn't make it to the store that night so he got his present the next night and was totally O.k. with it.
Ozkar also started swim lessons this week and loves it. Maia wishes she could jump in there with him but is still too young. I feel pretty lucky and scared to have two kids who love the water so much.
Josh and I are waiting for the next child to make her appearance. I was told that I was dialated 2cm and efaced 70% I don't know much about this because my other two were induced. I am hoping that she will come in a week or so by induction. Only time will tell. Maia tells me that the baby's name will be Maia also. Pretty cute.


Dax said...

That is so funny that Ozkar swallowed his tooth! It seems so like him...but I'm glad he's not traumatized by it. Hopefully the last little bit of your pregnancy goes well. We're excited to see your little girl, and I'm glad I'll be there for a whole week to see her! Take care of yourself, make Josh help out more. :) Love ya.

Matt and Mandy said...

Too cute! I have been out of town so much, I haven't seen you forever! I love blogging, I can still keep up with everyone even when life is busy! Good luck with Mia #2 :) Your kids are darling!

Pattee Family said...

I can't believe how big your little ones are getting. Yeah for being in the final stretch of pregnancy...can't wait to see pictures of your new little girl!