Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wii Boxing

Wii Boxing from josh j on Vimeo.

Matt(hermano) and Brandon (cuñado)

Monday, December 22, 2008

White Christmas

Ozkar's snow fort build after 10 inches of new snow 12-22-08

Maia after the first real snow of the season


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just a quick explantation of our latest photos. The first is of Siena. She is in her blessing dress. Beautiful little girl. The second is our latest family photo. Not very professional but it works.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun

Ozkar designed the face for this Jack O Lantern.

Maia enjoyed this part way toooo much.

And she really did try to eat this.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Avast Ya Scarvy Scum

A Children's Pirate Shanty
by Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers
(sung to the tune of Monty Python's "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK")

I'm a pirate! That I be!
I sail me ship upon the sea!
I stay up late - till half past three!
And that's a peg below me knee!

Yo Ho, my friends I have a tale
of treasure, plunder, sea and sail
my story's bigger than a whale
it gets so deep, ye'll have to bail.

I'm a pirate! That I be!
I sail me ship upon the sea!
I stay up late - till half past three!
And that's a peg below me knee!

I like to fish, I like to fight
I like to stay up half the night
When I say "starboard" ye go right!
Me ma, she says, "Ye look a fright!"

I'm a pirate! That I be!
I sail me ship upon the sea!
I stay up late - till half past three!
And that's a peg below me knee!

I've got no hand but that's me hook!
I pillage stuff but I'm no crook.
Me booty's in this chest I took.
They'll write about me in a book!

I'm a pirate! That I be!
I sail me ship upon the sea!
I stay up late - till half past three!
And that's a peg below me knee!

And that's all there is to this song.
I hope it hasn't been too long.
A pirate's life might just be wrong
So grow up nice and big and strong!

I'm a pirate! That I be!
I sail me ship upon the sea!
I stay up late - till half past three!
And that's a peg below me knee!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I want to document some things the kids say or have done so I don't forget.
Ozkar has pretend friends and he calls them his pretend friends, he loves to tell us stories about all of them. Right now his favorite thing to do is make cards for people or to draw pictures. I need to put him in an art class. He enjoys playing with Maia when she will play things that he likes and he is so sweet to Siena. He loves t.v. and he loves playing with friends. He is excellent at Math and can't wait to learn how to read. In school he is learning the alphabet in sign language. He is so funny because he thinks that he can just make a sign for something and that is the sign language for it. I don't have the heart to tell him different.
Maia is our tomboy/princess. She is not afraid to step on a grasshopper or a spider or to make mud in our backyard but she wants to do those things in her little mermaid nightgown. She sings her princess songs about dreams coming true and is the first to Siena's side when she is crying. She loves her big brother and misses him when he is at kindergarten. But fortunately for me her personality is a lot calmer when Ozkar is at school. She isn't getting into everything when its just the girls at home. She is our little actress. So look for her in about 20 years on Broadway.
Siena right now doesn't do much but she is a cutie. She was just diagnosed with Torticollis. Its a condition in her neck where she prefers to keep it bent to the right. So her head is starting to be misshapen. She will see a physical therapist next week to correct the problem. So far its just her neck, I pray that nothing else happens with this condition. She has recently started to smile. Never at mom but occasionally at her brother and sister and always at our alpaca lion on the wall.
Pictures of our Kids.
Ozkar's soccer game

Maia in her reality

Siena is always making funny faces...

Two Monkeys at the Zoo.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 cute kids

This is the most recent picture I have of our 3 cute kids.
Some cute things they have done lately are: Ozkar's first day of show and tell I of course forgot to put something in his back pack. So when he got home that day I remembered and felt horrible. So I asked him about it and he said that he showed his yogurt raisins. I asked him why and he said that it was red, white and blue day and his raisins were white. Pretty creative and smart. I told him sorry that I forgot and he said that it was o.k. because he was a good sport.
Maia acts cute when she is around Siena. She tells me that Siena is hers and tries to nurse her. When Siena cries Maia is the first one to her side. Its nice to see a nurturing side to her. And Siena is just cute. She hasn't done anything extra special yet but she lets me sleep most nights and that is enough.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ozkar goes to Kindergarten every day from 9:15 to 12:oo. Occasionally he will complain about getting up and getting ready for school. He would rather play with his legos. He has said "Why do I have to go everyday." Poor kid doesn't know what he is in for. He had his friend Paxton come over for a little while on Monday. They played very well together. Amanda another friend,came over that day too. It's been nice to have kids come over to play. It keeps him busy.

He went to the dentist and had a perfect checkup and then he got his haircut. Busy day. He has tumbling every Tuesday and Soccer practice every Thursday. One thing that I wanted to make sure I wrote down was his show and tell day. On Thursday I received his teachers newsletter on my email. It told what show and tell was for the week. He happened to have it that same day and I spaced that it was Thursday. So he didn't bring a show and tell. When he came home that day I remembered and felt so bad. I told him I was sorry and he said that he did show something. He had some yogurt raisens in his back pack and he showed them to his class because it was also Patriot day 9/11 and his raisens were white for red, white and blue day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Siena Elizabeth Jensen

Siena Elizabeth Jensen

Born 8-18-08 at 10:52 am. 7 Pounds, 2 Oz. 18 1/2 inches.

More to come...


We celebrated July and August Birthdays for Lauren, Rachael, Renee and Maia on 8-17-08.

The beautiful and charming Lauren about 12 hours before giving birth to Siena.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

This week in our home

We went to Idaho for Josh's family reunion and came back on Saturday. With that we brought back the flu bug. Ozkar was the only one to not get it amazingly enough because he always gets it. Having the flu and contractions aren't a fun combination. I wasn't sure if I was going into labor or not. Fortunately I wasn't.
Ozkar lost his first tooth this week. It had been loose for a long time and the big tooth had already started to come through. So I knew we had to get it out. We were really wiggling it that day and that night at dinner he was eating broccli and he felt some pain. Josh looked at it and saw that his tooth wasn't there. He immediately told Ozkar to spit his food out but there was no tooth. Ozkar had swallowed it. So he wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining what had happened and asked for a toy. Well the tooth fairy didn't make it to the store that night so he got his present the next night and was totally O.k. with it.
Ozkar also started swim lessons this week and loves it. Maia wishes she could jump in there with him but is still too young. I feel pretty lucky and scared to have two kids who love the water so much.
Josh and I are waiting for the next child to make her appearance. I was told that I was dialated 2cm and efaced 70% I don't know much about this because my other two were induced. I am hoping that she will come in a week or so by induction. Only time will tell. Maia tells me that the baby's name will be Maia also. Pretty cute.

Thursday, July 03, 2008